life is shit
but, im here if anyone needs someone to talk to. i will NOT judge, i will listen and i will do what i can to is 99.99 % of my life-----Black veil Brides are my #1 favorite band, But i also love, BOTDF, Falling In Reverse and Of Mice & Men ------in love with -The Walking dead, Supernatural, American Horror Story,-ANYTHING BLOODY AND GOREY AND -------------HORROR---------- ---------------Saw Bring Me The Horizon in concert 10th October 2013, OM&M and crossfaith opened for them. Saw Alan Ashby after for about 3 seconds. touched the shoulder of one of the guitarists in crossfaith as he walked past me. I PROMISE i am NOT a serial killer.....


According to award winning actor Lee Pace this is how you listen to your director; make your face increasingly crazier as he speaks to you

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Imagine the look on the dwarves’ faces when they catch you with Fili

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Aidan Turner in the "Thorins’ Company" behind the scenes.